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Ballistic Glass Windows

UpArmor For Vehicles

Our UpArmored Vehicle Packages are completely custom tailored to your requirements. Whether you are looking for merely burglar/ carjacking protection, or complete bullet resistant packages, we have the capability to install custom lightweight Level IIIA window glass and custom cut Kevlar door panels for an affordable and complete protection package.

There are no frame or suspension modifications required and vehicle operation is not effected by the UpArmor packages. The lightweight windows will operate using the existing window motors and uses a patented “air chamber” system, which allows occupants the ability to return fire, while still maintaining the integrity to stop incoming rounds. 


The ballistic windows are designed with curved glass, which allows them to partially roll up and down while maintaining a normal glass appearance from outside the vehicle. 

Kevlar Paneling for Your Vehicle

Safe Haven Defense uses some of the highest grade Kevlar, up armoring any vehicle. These fibers offer superior blast, fragmentation, explosive and small arms ballistic protection. Our Kevlar Panel product gives added protection for drivers and their passengers from gunfire while inside their vehicles. The panels are custom made for the door panels and are installed with no vehicle modifications or restructuring.

We’re constantly focused on improving our products and upgrading our technology to provide better protection and quality, while minimizing the added weight to the vehicle as possible.


Benefits of Kevlar Panels for Automotive

Kevlar material is a surprisingly light bullet-resistant fabric. This allows for convenient placement in  your vehicle. Our product’s wall panels are custom cut during installation. Generally, bullet resistant fabrics such as Kevlar panels provide a wealth of options for protecting vehicles. 

It’s time to step into the 21st century and take your protection to the next level. Contact Safe Haven Defense today!

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Our Kevlar panels do not affect the functionality of your windows. *We recommend for bullet resistant purposes they are affixed in the up position.

Every vehicle is different, and our pricing reflects that. Why pay Rolls-Royce or Bentley pricing when you drive a Cadillac?

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Our Safe Haven Defense glass laminate is designed for any business, company, home, or location that needs state-of-the-art glass laminate protection, including:

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