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Safe Haven Defense is a company dedicated to providing industry leading technology to harden your building and empower your people. We manufacture, sell and install our own bullet, burn, blast, chemical and burglar resistant products which include laminates, glass and panels. Our 3rd party tested products, applied to your existing glass or walls, can help deter burglars like no other product; while giving you bullet resistant protection, all at a fraction of the price of our competitors

Replacing Your Glass

  • Requires special ordering your glass
  • Must replace or retrofit existing frames to handle extra weight
  • Time intensive replacement procedure
  • Most businesses have to close during installation
  • Costly

DIY Film For Your Glass

  • Requires precise measuring of glass surface area
  • Must special order film
  • Appropriate thickness film is difficult to cut
  • Sticky film is challenging to apply
  • Not anchored to frame
  • Labor intensive

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What We Offer

Our #UpArmor protection is unlike anything else on the market for property security. Safe Haven Defense glass laminate is:

  • Bullet Resistant
  • Blast Resistant
  • Rated for hurricane-level storms
  • Forced Entry Resistant
  • Energy Efficient
  • Scratch Resistant

Our Process

  1. Security Evaluation of your Building/Business
  2. We create a custom and affordable #UpArmored plan for you
  3. We install – in hours, not weeks

Why Choose Us?

Our #UpArmor protection is unlike anything else on the market for property security. ONLY with Safe Haven Defense will you get the best service and quality.

This is what you’ll get when you choose Safe Haven Defense:

  • Professional measuring and installation
  • Expert anchoring to all frames
  • Application to existing windows done in hours/days not weeks/months
  • Security walk-through by law enforcement professionals who help identify locations for security measures
  • Glass laminate available in a variety of thickness, break strength & tensile strength
  • Certified secure by 3rd parties

Choose This Line Of Defense

Meet The Founder

Steve Johnson | Corporate

Steve founded Safe Haven Defense in 2018, after recognizing the security needs of private businesses, schools, churches, and government buildings. Resulting from his career in law enforcement, he understands preventing crime is the first and best line of defense. He founded Safe Haven Defense with the mindset of stopping the crime before it has the ability to start.

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