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Riot Control

Riot protection for your business

Our Riot Control Glass Laminate, available in frost and tint, is designed for superior protection from numerous threats, including forced entry, severe weather, fire and explosive forces.

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Product Specs

Product Specs

Riot Control Security Laminate

SW 440RC


  • Superior Bullet Resistance
  • Forced Entry Resistance
  • Scratch-Resistant Coating
  • Severe Storm Protection
  • Superior Blast Resistance
  • Energy Savings


  • ANSI Z97.1 – Bldg Glaze Material
  • CPSC 16 CFR 1201 – Impact Test
  • GSA Explosive Test – GSA – TS01-2003
  • UL972 – Burglary Protection
  • Flame Spread – ASTM E-84

*3rd party certifications sent upon request

Protection Level: Exigent Protection

#UpArmor Existing Windows, don’t spend unnecessarily to retrofit new glass!

Break Strength

Tensile Strength

  • Thickness: 26 mil
  • # Plies: 2
  • UV Rejection: 99%
  • IR Rejection: 59%
  • Total Solar Energy Rejection (non tint): 20%
  • Peel Strength: 6 psi

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Riot Control Laminate for Your Structure

As we continue to evolve and improve in construction technology, better products are becoming readily available for builders and homeowners. Riot resistant laminate is now used by architects and construction companies for both commercial and residential properties. Currently, the kind of glass models available are heavy, costly and take weeks to install. Our smash resistant laminate however can easily be applied to your existing glass, with overnight installation. 

What Is Riot Control Laminate?

 When applied our riot control laminate is a robust laminated glass that features a more rigid and more resilient interlayer. Our product is able to hold up against our competitors with less hassle and a fraction of the cost. Its layers can withstand physical attacks and multi-shot ballistic assaults because it absorbs the impact energy and spreads that energy through the entire window.

Benefits of Riot Control Glass.

Though our riot control laminate can provide burglar-proof windows and doors, you must also know there are other benefits of using this product.

Our riot control laminate provides unmatched protection even under assault from multiple attackers or rounds from a variety of firearms. It is available in a variety thicknesses to block an armed assailant’s entry through any vulnerable glass door or window.


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Founded by law enforcement professionals, we understand the need for security measures for your business. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the importance of investing in your business wisely. It’s time for your business to get #UpArmored

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Riot Control Laminate has a High Resistance

Windows resistant to shattering and penetration also helps protect your property against storm damages leading to expensive cleanup. 

Standard windows shatter easily during a storm, leaving your home and business exposed to damage from heavy rains and flooding. This can also be time-consuming to rectify, not to mention of all the broken glass and debris you will clean afterward.


Riot Control Laminate Lowers Energy Cost.

When you install our riot control laminate over the existing windows, you are basically turning a double pane window into a triple-pane, or a single-pane into a double pane. The changes can result in big savings since it minimizes your dependence on HVAC systems and aids in maintaining comfortable indoor temperature all year long.

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Riot Control Laminate Reduces Sound Transmission.

Our riot control laminate aids in blocking out the sound from outside. In case you have a business  or home in a noisy part of town, our riot control laminate can reduce sound transmission and make your commercial property or home more peaceful and quieter. When you install riot control laminate throughout the whole property, you will quickly notice a reduction in noise.

Provides UV Protection

As time passes things such as furniture, carpet, upholstery, photos, or anything near your ordinary glass windows are always fading. This is due to sun exposure. Our riot control laminate helps reduce harmful UV rays that are likely to cause fading. Riot control glass can minimize glare as it is available in colored, mirrored, and tinted models in case you may want privacy.

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Where We Protect​

Our Safe Haven Defense glass laminate is designed for any business, company, home, or location that needs state-of-the-art glass laminate protection, including:

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